Looking for a Cheap RC Car?

If you're looking for a cheap rc car, electric rc cars are cheaper than gas/nitro cars. For performance and realism, though, stick to the hobby grade. Provided you've done your due diligence and know exactly what you want, online stores provide excellent value. They don't have as much overhead and even with shipping, they can still beat the "brick and mortar" stores. That said, nothing can beat the advice and help you can get from your local hobby shop, especially for the beginner. I do a little of both myself.

In comparison with some other hobbies, RC cars can get somewhat expensive, depending on your level of commitment to it. Even if you build your own RC car or truck and save the cost of the ready to run kits, additional parts and fuel and battery packs can add up, not to mention the entry fees for races if you plan to compete. But beware of the widely-available cheaper versions which claim to be good quality RC vehicles. These break easily and cannot be repaired like hobbyquality RC’s, which can be maintained to run smoothly for years and fixed properly if anything ever goes wrong. Expect to spend at least $200.00 per vehicle initially, with a more complete beginner setup costing about $400.

Racing RC Cars