What Type of RC Car

So you’ve you decided you like the simplicity of the electric RC’s, or the realistic sights and sounds of the nitro class. Now the next decision is just what type of RC vehicle is best for you. Choose according to what you plan to do with your RC, and your level of experience.

On-road cars are the most popular type of RC cars. The standard for on-road cars is 1/10 scale cars, though 1/8th scale RC’s are not uncommon. The recent increase in micro and mini RC’s means there are hobby quality on-road cars made as small as 1/18 scale. Both nitro and electric RC’s come in on-road versions, and are available ready to run or as build your own kits. Built and geared for speed, an on-road RC should be your choice if you plan to race your car. Touring cars need a smooth, paved surface on which to run though even running up and down the street you’ll be amazed by their speed.

If you want to be able to run your RC just about anywhere, you’ll definitely need the rugged construction of an off-road vehicle. These sturdy cars and trucks will handle jumps, uneven terrain, and hills, even sand. They come in two- or fourwheel drive versions, and are perfectly capable of driving in your back yard, a vacant lot—just about anywhere.
Like their on-road counterparts, off-road RC’s can be purchased ready to run or as build your own kits. There is a wide variety of both electric and nitro cars and trucks from which to choose. Off-road RC’s, though not the fastest cars available, are durable, rugged and can be run practically anywhere.

Touring and Racing Cars
The touring and racing cars are perhaps the most common type of RC's. The wide variety of styles and cars in both electric and nitro kits makes them an easy choice for the beginner, and the higher end build your own s can be great for advanced hobbyists. Lightweight and fast, these are the ideal racers.

RC Trucks
If off-roading and rugged, sturdy vehicles were what you had in mind, then a truck is likely to be the RC for you. Both electric and nitro monster trucks are fast, tough RC's for running off-road courses. The ready to run RC trucks would be suitable for beginners.

These durable little RC's are powerful enough to handle on- and off-road terrains with speeds up to 70 mph. Buggies have increased tremendously in popularity and styles and variety. Unlike the on road cars, buggies are constructed so that most parts are shielded from dirt. Now, they even make them water proof! Because of their ruggedness, durability, and ability to withstand the elements, they are excellent for the beginner.

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