RC Truck Pulls

One of the most fun things you can do with RC trucks especially is to participate in a truck pull. If you’re looking to participate in an RC truck pull, you should begin looking into a truck that runs on a nitro engine, as they are by far the most powerful and longrunning. Electric versions of truck-pull calibre trucks do exist, but for those interested in serious competition, nitro engines provide the right amount of power. Since nitro gas powered trucks have been on the market for over 15 years, they have had ample time for perfection and adaptation to the unique requirements of a truck pull.

If you become a part of a team, the odds are that you will be using kits to design your vehicle. This takes patience, especially for beginners, but with enough practice, it becomes easy to alter and add to your RC truck. Once your vehicle is complete, don’t for a moment think that it is finished, as you will be continuously upgrading and updating your truck to keep it competitive with the other RC truck pull participants; adding new parts all the time to an older kit can give it a new life at a much lower cost.

RC truck pulls can be extremely challenging. They come in different levels, terrains and courses, depending on the organization that has assembled the track. They are usually organized by weight that can be pulled and maneuverability while pulling, and categorized between different types of engines, i.e. gas, electric and nitro. When there is no difference made between engine types, tend to win, but the outcome of any race is always depends as much on the car as it does on the driver. as a little extra know-how can sometimes make all the difference.